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Don’t Go Bacon Your Sweetie’s Heart This Valentine’s Day – Give Them Pork Instead!

February 09, 2016, 0 comments, on

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Bourbon-Rosemary Pork Tenderloin & Onion Soubise

Buck the out to dinner trend, and cook something comforting and delicious for your Valentine this year!  I searched my cooking magazine archives and came across the February 2011 issue of Food & Wine Magazine, which yielded this delicious recipe.  Please note that this recipe calls for a smoker – as I do not have a smoker, and also live in an apartment and didn’t want to risk smoking the place up, I skipped the smoker steps.  I was hesitant about this at first, but the recipe was not lacking in the end.  

I’ve cooked my share of pork tenderloin over the years, but had never heard of onion soubise before. After having prepared it, I would describe it as onions au-gratin, and this is pure genius in my opinion!  This sauce would be great on chicken, beef, duck, fish; you get my drift it goes with just about any meat or fish option you could probably think of.  It was hard not to eat it by itself!  

I started by preparing the marinade:

While the pork was marinating I prepared the soubise:

For the pork tenderloin recipe visit here.  For the onion soubise recipe visit here 

Lastly, the healthy and more balanced approach to this meal would be to serve it with a nice salad or green vegetable.  I decided to go the less healthy route and serve it with grits, which proved to be the perfect pairing, though higher in the calorie content department.  For the grits, I used Uncle Ben’s and just followed the recipe on the canister.  

There you have it – a hearty dinner fit for your Valentine, that will be sure to leave them full of stomach and heart.  Enjoy!

- Emily


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